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Apps at Etsy

I also spent about 8 months as the only designer working on the Etsy app. During this time I aligned all of the visual design of the app with a new style guide. This included updating colors, typography, icons, and layouts. In between this work I was also working on small features and experiments to improve both the iOS and Android experiences.

I spent a good chunk of time trying to find ways to add delight to our app through motion. I would work very closely with our engineers and build prototypes with them. The below example shows when we were considering ways to make transitions between views in the app more seamless.

I also did a lot of work considering the future of the Etsy app. Working with our research team to create empathy maps, building prototypes, and envisioning what the future could look like. I ultimately can't share this work at this time.

More app work coming soon...

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