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Apps at Etsy

I spent about 8 months in 2016 as the only designer working on the Etsy apps. During this time, I aligned all of the visual design of the iOS and Android apps with a new style guide. This included updating colors, typography, icons, and layouts. In between this work I also worked on small features and experiments to improve both the iOS and Android experiences.

You can see some screenshots below, along with a birds-eye view of my style guide work (in a purposefully small screenshot 😊).

One area I really wanted to focus on was updating our Android app to map to the latest standards and guidelines from Material Design. I had the opportunity to do a few design sprints with the Google Material Design team, where we recieved feedback and critique on how to best improve our Android apps. One of those sprints was focused on different types of menus and exploring a bottom tab navigation that, at the time, was a new feature to Material Design.

During this time I also worked with Google in a design sprint to explore the future of Android design in a workshop called Dimensions. My group was focused on how easy it is for apps to communicate and work together on the Android system.

I spent a good amount of time trying to find ways to add delight to our app through motion. I would work closely with our engineers and build prototypes with them. The videos below are some simple examples of how I would work with our engineers to bridge the gap between design and code through prototypes. The first example was a prototype exploring the relationship between favorites and lists for users and the second explores what the transition between a listing card and a full listing view could look like.

I also did a lot of work considering the future of the Etsy apps by working with our research team to create empathy maps, building prototypes, and envisioning what the future could be. I ultimately can't share the prototypes that were built, but you can see a small piece of the research I worked on below.

More app work coming soon...

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