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Assorted Projects

Beyond my full-time positions, I have enjoyed working on a variety of side projects. Over the past 6 months, I have been volunteering for the Utah Avalanche Center. As an avid backcountry skier, I use their product daily during the winter months, and having an opportunity to work on a complete redesign for the 2018/19 season has been a highlight. It's not launching for a few months, but you can see a screenshots of the progress below. I'm doing all of the design and helping with some of the front-end development for this project.


Join was a project I started with a few friends as a way to connect with other interesting, outgoing people, and the activities they were planning in the real world. It always felt a bit strange seeing event photos from Instagram or where someone had been on Foursquare and wishing I had known about it ahead of time. That is where Join steps in. We have made it super easy to share plans with your friends, and letting them join the event or activity in a passive way. The goal was to get you away from your screen and spending quality time with friends.

One of the parts of Join that I liked the most was that for each activity or event you posted, you set how many people could join in. Have two extra tickets to a game? You would post it with two openings. Someone drop out from a dinner reservation? Post it with one. Having a party? Post it as open to as many as sign up!

We had a functional prototype app with about 200 active users on Join, before my friends and I who started the project each ended up with new full time jobs (When I went to Etsy!) and we decided to not move forward with the project :(

Letterpress work

One of my first jobs in design was with Hemmert Studio in Madison, NJ. Their specialty is letterpress printing, and I had the opportunity to learn under the creative director, Curtis Hemmert. Some of these projects were designed and printed while working there, and others are from times I was invited back to use the press.

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