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Etsy underwent a few big changes in the spring of 2018, and to support those updates we migrated our homegrown help center to Zendesk. This allowed our support team to update and customize the help center as needed, along with opening a rich set of features we could take advantage of. My job was to take those features and create a revamped experience that was easier to use.

At Etsy we have an amazing research and strategy team, and they helped immensely in getting the information architecture right. They performed card sorts with research partcipants to understand what were the most logical buckets for all the types of information the help center included, and we ended up with these top categories

My next step was to spend time with my co-workers on the support team, my product manager, and key engineers, to come up with wireframes to iron out any kinks, and come up with answers to problems that might arise. In general, we knew if users were coming to the help center, they were probably frustrated that something wasn't going right. We knew we needed to make these pages as focused and to the point as possible.

I then moved on to visual design, making sure everything we had come up with in the wireframe stage made the most sense. Our team also created a tappable prototype and brought in a handful of research participants to perform usability studies, making sure we were on the right track before we started officially launching the new help center.

We also created all the pages on mobile at the same time. One of the key pages that we focused on was the contact page and making that as seamless for users as possible.


I worked as a lead designer at SoFi, a financial tech company, and focused on experiences that helped people get their money right.

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At Etsy, I was a staff designer on the Search team for over three years, and on the design systems team for nearly a year.

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As the first designer at Compass, a real estate tech company, I was a part of all things design: branding, product, UI/UX and research.

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