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A project that stemmed from a collaboration with the Nashville based country music duo, Drew & Lacey. They explain the idea on their site like this: "The After Bedtime Sessions is about putting the kids to bed, gathering in the living room, and creating music. Each session will be different: a new mix of musicians, a brand new song, an old bluegrass standard that we just rediscovered, or a 10-minute long fiddle jam. No tracks, no studios, just a song the way you would hear it if you were there."

This project was an experiment in designing solely "in browser" (besides the couple of images_v3 that were processed) and seeing what would happen. I did all the coding, design, and branding for this project. I definitely learned that at my current skill level I missed a few things by starting right "in-browser" and I am okay with that, but I found it an interesting way to begin a design, and thinking of ways to implement from the infancy of an idea.

You can see the site here.

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