Drew & Lacey

Folk and Bluegrass combined with Nashville Country

Drew and Lacey are a country music duo out of Nashville, TN. Though I may be biased — they're family, after all — I figured this would be a perfect time to try out some of my front-end development skills I'd been learning. Drew and Lacey wanted a super simple site that got them started with an online presence while letting people who searched for them have some point of contact.
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Visual Web Design

Content Strategy


Album Artwork

I have helped Drew and Lacey create a few of their album covers. This one in particular was a very fun project, as I had free reign to come up with a type of album cover that we I could letterpress.

Previous Site

The previous version of the Drew and Lacey site. It allowed users to play a few of the songs from the album that was released about the same time as this site.

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