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Volunteer work

Beyond my full-time work, I also enjoy volunteering my time doing design and front-end development work for local organizations. Two of the nonprofits that I've especially enjoyed working with are the Utah Avalanche Center and HawkWatch International.

Utah Avalanche Center

For around six months I volunteered for the Utah Avalanche Center. As an avid backcountry skier, I use their product daily during the winter months, and having an opportunity to work on a complete redesign for the 2018/19 season has been a wonderful experience for me. You can see the site here or in the handful of screenshots below. I worked on all of the design and helped with a large portion of the front-end development for them.

HawkWatch International

HawkWatch International is a leading raptor research organization that is focused on raptors as as indicator of ecosystem health. I've helped them with various types of marketing collateral, including fundraising proposals, calendars and invitations.


I worked as a lead designer at SoFi, a financial tech company, and focused on experiences that helped people get their money right.

(Work coming soon)


At Etsy, I was a staff designer on the Search team for over three years, and on the design systems team for nearly a year.

Etsy work →


As the first designer at Compass, a real estate tech company, I was a part of all things design: branding, product, UI/UX and research.

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